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Book 5 Tele-Therapy Video Session with Scott Manningham

He will go through the course with you and help you start your journey to the results you are looking for.

Normally 5 Sessions with Scott is $1,997

Right Now Only you get the 5 Sessions for $997


Unconventional 1's Self Guided Therapy Course

Not Ready to Work With a Therapist Yet? We know it can be scary!

If you are ready for change but are not ready to sit down with a therapist then this is a great place to start your journey to making big changes in your mental and emotional health. 

In this course Scott will walk your through his course step-by-step teaching what it takes and different methods to initiate the process of making real changes happen. 

This course includes the following Modules...

  1. Your brain is a machine (The mechanics of the brain)
  2. How did I get here? (The Dark Room)
  3. Warning signs.
  4. Light Up the Darkness.
  5. The 2 Power Houses.
  6. Thinking Errors.
  7. T+A+B=h/D.
  8. Finding your Spark.
  9. Small Steps.
  10. Maintain!